Why sunglasses make you look so cool 😎

First off, even the emoji for “cool” is one with sunglasses on “😎” . How cute 🥺.

The thing is there are a lot of factors to be considered as to why we feel so much cooler when we wear our sunglasses. Ranging from what we see in the movies to body-mind psychology. If this tickles your fancy, keep reading 📌.

1. Body-Mind psychology

When you are happy, you smile. And when you smile, you tend to become happy. Emotions bring about certain body reactions, and in the same fashion, those body reactions trigger those emotions too.

This explains why we feel so cool with our sunglasses on, right. On those days you’re not wearing your sunglasses, you feel somewhat RESERVED as you try to keep your head low, and face away from the rays of the sun. But with your sunglasses on, your head is up, you don’t care about the sub, your face is lit, you walk with a better posture because you’re feeling it, HENCE, your body language triggers the “COOL” emotion, and you just walk through that day feeling so so COOL.

P.s; just so you know, if you wear your sunglasses to hide away your sorrow at the moment, you feel the exact opposite of COOL.


This is as straightforward as it is. We as a collective society, believes that wearing sunglasses make you cool. Hence when you’re wearing one, you act it , and it does look REAL to the outside world; everyone looking at you feels you’re cool, and with that response from the outside world, you automatically start feeling cool too.

Celebrities and Movie stars even makes this so much reinforcing. We all consider movie starts COOL. Oops.. they wear sunglasses in movies , they wear it in real life; and just like dominoes, everything falls right in place.

THAT’S WHY YOU FEEL SO COOL WEARING A ray ban , because you just saw Ariana wearing it in that cool scene in “Sam and Cat”.


Sunglasses are cool because they prevent others from peering into your soul.

Wearing sunglasses makes you look mysterious (depending on the type you wear though) , you can assume a persons, and can speak without words by dropping your shades subtly down your nose with those absolutely “weird cute” peepers 👀

We’ve all pulled the peeper move at sone point.

The point is you cannot read their eyes. Thus, they have an incredible aura of mystery that makes you think they are cool .

It’s just like that weird girl in class that you don’t get because she doesn’t speak so much. SHE SEEMS SO BADASS right. The same thing applies for sunglasses.

EYES REVEAL A LOT OF EMOTION, sunglasses conceal them!


Apparently humans find symmetrical faces more attractive. Sunglasses add symmetry to the face, hiding some flaws, Thereby making people look more attractive. What is more COOL than being attractive 🤷🏽‍♂️?

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