Maybe you can actually wear sunglasses indoors – Unpopular Opinion’

So, there’s this big controversial thing with people wearing sunglasses indoors. Many people find it rude, some find it distracting. But if you’ve ever considered doing it, this is for you!

There are about a million reasons you should wear sunglasses indoors but we got 14 right off the bat;

  1. Some people have sensitive eyes.
  2. They just got their eyes dialated so they have to wear sunglasses.
  3. Their eyes are red.
  4. They are blind.
  5. They work at night and daylight hurts their eyes.
  6. They are very shy.
  7. They are obscuring their face.
  8. It was easier to just leave them on.
  9. They can get lost easily if you take them off.
  10. They just think it looks cool
  11. They have the kind with a hidden camera.
  12. They are transition lenses and they haven’t had time to turn completely clear yet.
  13. They are prescription sunglasses to see.
  14. They are Enchroma glasses to help colorblind people see colors better.

HOWEVER, maybe you should get to know why you shouldn’t. It depends, you know.

“There are seven people in the world who can wear sunglasses indoors – and you’re not one of them” _ GQ Magazine

Jack Nicholson can pull it off. Unless you’re Jack Nicholson or Bob Dylan, CALM DOWN and remove your frames.

1. IT IS “considered” RUDE

Recognizing the fact that dress codes are quite chill nowadays, and you can pull up anywhere anyhow and nobody is really gonna disturb you. But you really don’t wanna visit your Pope or the President with your sunglasses on. It largely varies. Not many people reading this have any business with the president nor the pope.

In a nutshell, depending on your company, organization or the circumstances surrounding the event you’re attending INDOORS, it’s okay to do whatever you want. But if you’re having second thoughts due to what you think your superiors might think or say, you probably shouldn’t risk it.

Even at a casual event, people will actually just consider you blind or disproportionately rude.


The second and more important reason you shouldn’t be wearing sunglasses indoors is that you can actually increase your sensitivity to light and pain when your eyes are not exposed to normal daylight. If you don’t suffer from photophobia, it’s a pretty much better idea to allow your eyes function normally as they’re supposed to by removing your sunglasses while you’re indoors–at least some of the time. AT LEAST!

Would you? Is it worth it? Why not?

Let’s know what you think about this😊.

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