Sunglasses 101; Lens & Categories

Whether it’s at your 5 year old birthday party or at a recent funeral , be it a corporate pitch or you were window shopping, we’ve all worn sunglasses at some point in our lives.. RIGHT😊?

But I bet you didn’t know this. There are actually five different types of lens categories ranging from zero to four.

These lens categories are mostly defined by;

1. The lens COLOR 2. TINT 3. FUNCTION 4.UV protection and..

5. VLT (volume light transmission) is the percentage measurement of how much light your sunglasses lens lets through your eyes.

Right! Let’s dive straight into the categories🤩

Category Zero

Category zero consists of lenses with CLEAR colors and NO TINT 🚫. Primarily used for eye safety and/ or vision improvement. There’s no UV protection. Wildly ranging from 80% to 100% is the VLT of lens in the Category “0”

Category One

Category one consists of lenses with a yellowish-clear color and it’s TINT are the lightest . Definitely used my many for eye protection against computer use, yet HIGHLY and mostly used for FASHION purposes. . Offers pretty little protection from UV and has 49% to 79% Volume Light Transmission.

Category Two

Category two consists of lenses that is easily identifiable by its orange and yellow color. Generally, it has the most common tint. Are you into activities that require you being outside daily, category two lenses are designed for that. Therefore, it offers good UV protection. Their lenses have 18% to 45% VLT.

Category Three 

Category three consists of lenses that are usually medium-dark color and TINT; often REFLECTIVE. They offer great protection from sun glare and good UV protection too😊. Its VLT ranges from 8% to 17%.

Category Four

Category four consists of lenses with the darkest color out of the previous categories . Really DARK TINT and most used for extreme conditions. Also offers the best UV protection in comparison with other lenses, And it lets in only 3% to 8% VLT.

If counting from 1, This category of lenses are called CATEGORY 5. But just stick with 4 roomie✊🏽

Note 📝; These lenses are not to be worn when driving 🚗 as they are too dark.

So Roommates, we know you’ve learnt quite a new thing about your sunglasses, and you might be checking out your shades as you read this😹. YES, YOU SHOULD and please share your discoveries with us 😎 (you know where to reach us😉)

Till our next chitchat, have a SPEC-TACULAR week ahead❤️.

Yours truly : Your favorite Roommate.

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