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Sunglasses + Masks 🤩

Heyy Roommates, I know 2020 hasn’t been the best year ever, with COVID19, #georgefloyd and all of the disasters happening in the world 💔.

However, if you’re still ALIVE and CORONAVIRUS didn’t kill you YET, you’ve WON already!

And the goal this year is to make this year OUR BEST YEAR EVER ! You got this, and yess, we GOT you on how you slay SAFELY in your sunglasses🤩

FOG! wtf💔

Face masks! They’re here to STAY! For at least a real long uncertain time . It’s the new accessory everyone has on nowadays to NOT DIE😹, and it’s been made mandatory in many countries!


So, keep wearing those masks and make sure to follow through on every safety precaution because the world needs you😩. We need you alive to disrupt your industry and bring your wildest dreams possible! WE NEED TO SEE THOSE BEAUTIFUL SUNGLASSES-SLAYING PICTURES

Okay okay. Let’s get to the gist 💯

The thing is; with face masks and sunglasses, there’s a tendency of fog coupling up on the lens of your sunglasses.

With the use of face mask, the big bulk of your breath is directed upwards, hence the fog in your lens. The repeated breath of warm air that sneaks out of your mask and steam up your lenses, can of course lead to DIFFICULTY in SEEING!


4 TIPS to SLAY SAFELY in your 🕶 and 😷


Doctors and medical professionals usually seal their masks with a piece of double-sided tape across the bridge of the nose before wearing their masks.

This will prevent flow of air from nose breath, and as a result, the air then go downwards (which it won’t do naturally as our breath air usually tend to go upwards most of the time)


To all my roommates with glasses that have nose pads, you can actually tweak the pads a little bit farther from your face, OR simply adjust the glasses a bit upward to your eyes and farther from your nose. This might make you look NERDY, but it can be quite ATTRACTIVE though🥺.

This will allow the hot air to escape quite easily than such getting trapped in between your lens and disrupting your vision. NAAH, you don’t want that!


As weirdly awkward as this might seem, breathing downward can quickly fix the fog problem . This sends the air away from your glasses.

How to breathe downward? Hold your upper lip over your lower lip. Then blow air downward, as if you’re playing a flute. You must have played with a flute in primary school before 🤷‍♀️😹. Even if not, just try the steps above, IT SHOULD WORK OUT FINE💪.


If your lens ain’t treated with a protective anti-fog coating, you should try one out (be it SPRAYS or WIPES)

{Visit an optical shop near you or an online eyewear retailer to learn more about and to compare anti-fog lens options}

OR EVEN SOAP 🧼🤷🏽‍♂️.

A 🇬🇧 British surgeon sometime in 2011 was reported to have found out that just using soapy water on the lenses and letting them to dry can be very EFFECTIVE ✅.

Simply wash with soapy water, shake off the excess moisture and leave to AIR DRY or dry off with a clean microfiber towel. Pleaseeee, don’t use shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream etc; to avoid damage or any sort of skin irritation.

What’s your excuse now ROOMMATES?

Whether you wear glasses for vision correction or for aesthetic fashion purposes, you now know how to SLAY SAFELY and keep giving us those GRAMWORTHY pictures in our Instagram feed.

We love you, We got you , We are here for you❤️

Now that you’re ready to go make 2020 your best year ever, YET taking every opportunity to SLAY in your sunglasses, please make sure to tag us @shadesroom101 on Instagram in your next picture for a REPOST💃🏼

And make sure to leave a comment below on your favorite tip, Roomie 😎

Shades of LOVE😍, your Roommate.

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