How to wear your sunglasses when not wearing one🤷🏽‍♂️

Heyyy Roommates😩

Firsttt.. you be like ; how is this possible

Then.. you PAUSE, and be like; Okay that’s true. I sometimes am with my sunglasses but I’m not wearing it at the moment!

And yeah, we understand that if you’re in your car, you could stash it somewhere in one of those cabinets .. or just probably put it in its case (obviously that’s where it belongs when you’re not wearing it)

BUT…. you go out to the beach or the bar, the mosque or the movies, that seminar or you probably are sightseeing

And like we trust you, you’ve pulled up in that beautiful look perfectly styled with your sunglasses.. however at that point, you really wanna use your eyes (it does happen)

In such cases.. or even if you just want to show the world your new RayBan but you don’t necessarily want to wear it..

These are 5 ways you can STYLE your sunglasses without particularly WEARING THEM 😎

1. Classic “ON YOUR HEAD“ 🙆

It’s the first thought that comes to your mind when we you’re pulling off your glasses.

BIKERS and “okada” riders are used to this a lot. But it’s just straight-up the best way to keep your glasses above your head, whilst still going on with your everyday process.

It’s cool. It might be sexy sometimes; depending on how you swing the look.. but most importantly, it is immediately spot-on when someone looks at you!

If you’re gonna try this style out though, you should he careful depending on your frames and your hair care routine. This is because chemical reactions from hair ointments might get onto your lens and this might mess up your favorite glasses, and even lead to eye irritation in some cases.

Yeah.. people with very thick strong hair in comparison with some very light frames, this might lead to such frames bending off, or even getting entangled in all of that hair. And you really don’t want to be struggling with your sunglasses just right in the middle of that moment when you’re supposed to be taking beautiful pictures after the long one hour talk at that seminar.


But straight up “NO CAP”, it’s your number one go-to that spices up your style even when you’re not wearing your sunglasses!


You’ve probably seen people wearing sunglasses with ropes around it

So there’s a distinct difference between laynards and Neck Straps!

LAYNARDS allow yourself frames still free, just like the image above. So, with your laynard, you could easily pull of your sunglasses when you want to, and it would rest straight up down your body, and with that you can easily wear it back WHENEVER YOU WANT TO!

However, Neck STRAPS are a lil bit different


You should know the difference now

The neck straps seem a lil but NERDY, but they’re quite insanely attractive if styled properly

Neck straps hold both the frames together, so it’s a lol but different from the LAYNARDS. But, both would rest quite well on your shoulder down to your chest in moments when you’re not wearing your sunglasses!


Tell us which you’d rather use in the comments below ✌️.. TELL US O😏

3. HOOK or Get HOOKED?

Which would you rather be? Hook everyone’s eyes on you, or get HOOKED looking at someone else?


It’s a hell very attractive when you hook your sunglasses to your shirts right by the chest or cleavage parts of the body.

This particular style is very common for kids at birthday parties in their old-school look. Do kids still do that now though?

This very style of rocking your shades without exactly wearing your shades is quite pretty versatile, as you can hook your sunglasses on pockets, and it’s at it’s best when you’re not MOVING around {cuz you don’t want to lose your favorite sunglasses (especially when you weren’t wearing it💔) }

If you’re wearing buttoned shirts, you can hook frames to buttons for extra security so it prevents your shades from falling down or any other unforeseen probabilities. YOU CAN NEVER KNOW

So, HOOK on🤩


For real though🥵, you could do this!

It’s what you do when you want to STAND OUT

The biggest fashion trends and Creative Expressions were once considered weird, before getting accepted and ushered in as the NORM

Not many people do this right now, but it’s one WEIRD way to pull up in your sunglasses.

And this is something we encourage STYLE lovers to do every now and then. Challenge the STATUS QUO, break barriers, Swing the narrative however you want it, EXPLORE, but most importantly; EXPRESS🗣

So, if the “BACKWARDS” drip is how you see STYLE going “FORWARD”?

Your favorite ROOMMATES here at the shadesroom is giving you the GO AHEAD🚀

Roomie🖤, we got your back ✊🏽

The image above has no context with the conversation at the moment. We saw it, we love it, so we’re SHARING it😊. She’s using a LAYNARD tho

So Roomies, that’s how you can ROCK in your sunglasses, without wearing them 🤷🏽‍♂️

Let’s know which of the 4 tips is your favorite..and yeah answer the questions below pleaseee

Lots of L🖤VE, your ROOMMATE❤️

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