LENS-LESS Shades🥺 (All you need to know)

FALZ, the BAHD Guy


I know you’ve been seeing lots of people on this drip, ranging from your friends to top-notch celebrities and you really don’t know whether to hop on the trend🤪 or shade the SHADY shade-lovers undermining and disrupting the essence of eyeglasses.

Dive in, and deep with these 4 nuggets on LENS-LESS glasses, and VOILA, you get to decide which side you wanna ride on🏇. ENJOYYY

Sexy Asian pulling up that TURN ON look


“Most people were glasses to SEE, The ASIANS wear GLASSES to be SEEN” 🤯

Sunglasses were invented 2000 years ago to prevent the eyes from blinding rays of sunlight, and with time, the innovation has evolved to be used for VISION CORRECTION in all parts of the world .

However, pop-up fashion ideas started springing up diversity in the use of sunglasses for fashion and style (one we are very happy about 🤩).

Much more particularly, lensless glasses first became popular in JAPAN in the 1990s, till the trend died out.. and more recently, this raving trend resurged in the first half of 2011 in China and Taiwan as the continent’s hip young crowd wear LENS-LESS glasses to be SEEN, and not necessarily to SEE.

The trend got a hearty welcome in different parts of the world and super impactful industries and that’s how you got your celebrities and idols slaying in them..

Spreading POSITIVITY 😍

2. An ART of DECOY😎

No cap, one of the earliest purposes of inventing the eyeglasses was to hide people’s FACIAL EXPRESSIONS in a court of LAW

Why else?

So justice is served, because the eyes could really overturn due process 😹. Just kidding!

But till date, EYEGLASSES are tools for DECOY! Lots of people wear sunglasses to be away from people, hide their insecurities, and just be within their personal space .. a dark Ray-ban sunglasses could be the perfect accessory to hide your tears away at a high school reunion party 🤷🏽‍♂️.

ON THE FLIPSIDE, lots of people on the planet are feeling so much POSITIVITY and might just want to share it all in their FACES and SMILES, and that dark shaded Ray-Ban might not be the exact tool for them at the moment

So, they pull out the LENS, spread POSITIVITY with every bit of their FACES, whilst still rocking that stylish RAY-BAN

WIN-WIN ✅. Why not?

Our MCM🥺

3. Your Favorite CELEBRITIES celebrate in ‘em

Husband to Kim Kardashian, Superstar singer-songwriter, and fashion designer KANYE WEST isn’t the first hip-hop mogul to shutdown concerts in “LENS-LESS” glasses, and obviously he won’t be the LAST.

With Hip-Hop culture as one of the biggest industries, trends adopted by its biggest superstars quickly finds it way amongst the world’s population. QUICKLY!

Your favorite idols rock the non-conventional lensless glasses time showcase their style and express their art in all forms.. it immediately connects with millions of fans worldwide and hence, it’s a rave that keeps on growing!

ALSO.. the NBA🏀

Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder

Many NBA players wear LENSLESS glasses with thick plastic frames like “horn-rimmed glasses” during post-game interviews .

Russell known for his red frames claimed r have started the trend when he entered the league in 2008, but Lebron James of the Miami Heat disagreed.

Amongst these chit-chats of who brought the raving trend to the NBA, one thing is certain.

Our biggest idols in the NBA love and adore this stylish look of bossing the interviews in their lens-less glasses, and YUP, we love it too🥰.


4. Balancing the science of profession with the art of SEXINESS🥵

Lens-less glasses are PERFECT for looking sexy, yet not undermining that PROFESSIONALISM you intend to achieve at school, or in the corporate world!

It’s no NEWS that you look incredibly more attractive in that NERDY look just by wearing one of those recommended EYE-CORRECTION glasses.

The problem is; you don’t want to correct your VISION because yours are good, and it can be very irritating and painful to your eyes when you were recommended glasses just for fashion.

SO…. you simply carefully remove the lenses from any recommended NERDY eyeglasses you have, and you’re on your way to hitting that soft spot on your CRUSH at the office.

It works 🤪. You’ve seen it in movies. NOW, bring it to life 😋.


President, SWEET BOYS Association

Folarin Falana, the Afro-pop rapper, singer songwriter and actor; popularly known by his stage name “FALZ” has built this brand of style and fashion around the lensless glasses.

FALZ who is also the President of the “Sweet Boys Association”, (a clique that’s boasts of the most stylish men in the entertainment industry) is a lawyer.

FALZ is a lawyer😩, and still practices!

In one of his recent interviews where he was asked why he pulls up in lensless glasses;

He explains that It’s a way for him to look professional with his law career, and still disrupt the industry with his awesome style and taste for fashion and entertainment!

Now that we got you hooked on the various ways why lensless glasses has grown to be a dope trend and how you can fit right in whilst expressing your style and creativity. We’ve got two questions for you?

1. Are you IN or OUT on this beautiful RAVEEE?

2. If YES, leave a comment below on HOW you’ll be styling your next look in the LENSLESS glasses and for what reasons.

Love and light❤️.. Your favorite sunglasses blog!


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