2020 Men Sunglasses Trend For Spring

Hello Everyone!!!

There is this song that keeps playing in my head. I am going to quote a line “when it rains, it pours”. I am sure you are already the humming the rest of the lyrics. Shoutout to PopSmoke for that beautiful song titled “Dior”. May his soul rest in peace.
Anyways, I referenced that line because obviously, we are in Spring and the weather is amazing!!

Its spring time! There would be showers of rain, our pretty Mr sun would start shining on us again and it is the time to start showing off our sunglasses. What do you think the trend is this year?

I will be writing about 2020 Men Sunglasses Trend For Spring and you can feel free to comment on whatever trend I missed out. Here are some of the trends I have noticed for men.

1. The Transparent Lens

The transparent lens has come to stay. This trend is not only classic but iconic. It gives a very classy touch to your outfit. The juicy part is it can be worn with anything(suits, casual, smart casual, bohemian style etc). The transparent lens is definitely a must have in your wardrobe this spring.

2. Wayfarer

The number one sunglass everyone should have whether you are a man or woman is the wayfarer. The wayfarer is the perfect sunglass for all occassion and all type of outfit. If you have just one glasses in your wardrobe, it should be the wayfarer because this model is one fit all. The wayfarer is always a trend and a vibe.

3. Aviators

Aviators are also a timeless piece! This piece never seem to age. It suits men of all ages and gives the timeless look. The aviators can be paired with a leather jacket or your long spring jacket. You can also try with the simple combo of jeans and tee.
You can add style by purchasing aviators with blue lens or grey lens. This are also trendy.

4. Green lens

The Green lens is the new trend for the millenials. This trend adds color to your outfit. It is just a way of spicing things up. I recommend this trend if you are looking for something new.

This are the 2020 Men Sunglasses Trend For Spring I have noticed. What do you think of these trends? Let me know in the comment section.

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