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DUBAI THROUGH MY LENS – Things to do and my experience

Ever dreamt of a wonderland but this time a wondercity full of wonderful people and tall buildings with glamoury scenes and beaches, let’s not forget desert sands and camels, waterworld and aquariums etc Dubai is that wondercity!

I was in Dubai for about a week. I actually went for a friend’s wedding and used the opportunity to explore the city. I will be telling you all the things to do in Dubai and My experience in Dubai. Come with me and see Dubai through my lens.

Getting to Dubai, I stayed at two hotels because I wanted a very good hotel(4/5 star) with an average price and most hotels in Dubai are expensive. I got my deals from booking.com. I use them a lot for my accomodation deals when i travel. I stayed at City Seasons hotel and the Canvas hotel Dubai.

I started my trip by staying at the City Seasons hotel. This hotel is great. the room was spacious and came with an amazing view. The staffs in particular made my stay. They also had amazing breakfast service. After resting for a day, I attended my friend’s wedding who is also a nigerian and that was another experience on its own. After the whole wedding, it was time to explore Dubai!!!

Things to do in Dubai and My experience in Dubai.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari was my first stop. I went on a sunday evening with friends to watch the sunset and the desert activities. We went through an agent. You can either go yourself if you have a car or go through an agent. I advise you go through an agent especially if you are a tourist like me.

A guy with a SUV(From the agency) came to pick my friends and I at the hotel and the journey began. It was a long ass ride from our hotel and even from the city center. I slept halfway through the journey. We stopped at a place, very close to the dessert, to puncture the tyres. The driver said were supposed to be punctured somehow for the desert dune driving activity. The place also had stores where we got few attires to look like an arabian.

We got back to the journey and the adventure began. We started the dune ride through the desert and it was the most amazing ride ever. We screamed through our lungs and the driver even made it more fun by screaming with us and drifting in circles. We did this for like 20 minutes and went to the tent. The next thing my friends and I did was camel riding and taking wonderful pictures.

We also played with the desert sand and climbed the hills to watch the sunset. There was a man with a bird and he allowed us played with his bird. There was also the quad bike experience which I didn’t do because I have ridden quad bikes before. However, I do recommend you do the quad bike experience as it is the second best thing on the safari.

After watching the sunset, we got henna tattoos for small price by a very beautiful woman and it was time for the show. The show started with a lady giving us great belly dance moves, followed by other shows and tricks. Food and drinks were also served. It was indeed a night to behold!

Dancing Fountain

If you ever find yourself in Dubai, please watch the dancing fountain. It is a sight to cherish forever. It was like i was in a movie. The fountains splashing in accordance to the music. The whole environment was just pure magic and romance. I went in the evening, so it was more romantic. I also went on a public holiday. It was dubai’s independence day, so the environment was packed to the brims. I did enjoy it but to enjoy it better without crowd, I went again the next day and I had the same magic feeling just like the first day. You have to see the dancing fountain if you ever go to dubai.


After 3 days, I moved to the second hotel I told you about earlier. The canvas hotel Dubai is a total experience on its own. This hotel was so relaxing it was hard to go out again but I had to force myself out. The hotel also had beautiful views of the dubai frame and burj khalifa. There are so many beautiful malls in dubai but THE DUBAI MALL was close to the hotel I was staying. The dubai mall is full of activities and stores. There are tons of designer stores for shopping, food outlets, gaming centers, photo spaces and so many more. The Aquarium is also present in the dubai mall.


I am a huge fan of aquatic animals and the water world and Dubai also share this interest with me. There is a huge aquarium in the dubai mall and i totally loved watching the animals. To get to inner part aquarium, you have to get tickets. You can also see some animals from the mall. However, I recommend you going inside.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is a must visit. It is the tallest building in the world and it has about 163 floors. You can also get to burj khalifa through the dubai mall. The view from the top is also very amazing.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah is a beautiful area in Dubai. It is full with hotels, gardens, parks and a beautiful beach overlooking the ocean. If your hotel is not in jumeirah, you should at least visit the area. It is very beautiful. I went to the jumeirah beach for couple of hours and it was nice. There are bars and good music. Also my friend’s wedding was at one of the hotels in jumeirah overlooking the beach. It was a beautiful experience.
There are also tons of other beaches like the kite beach, marina beach and dubai creek. I also recommend to visit them as well.

Dubai Marina Cruise

Dubai Marina is a popular residential area surrounded by water. It has tall buildings, cafes. There are yachts and boats for cruising the marina. You can also jet ski. This is also another wonderful experience to explore.

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

I am still in awe!!! The atlantis is definitely my favorite place in dubai. It is a different world on its own. To get to the atlantis aquaventure waterpark, you have to purchase tickets online. There are tickets for 2 days and tickets for a day. I advise you purchase the ticket for 2 days because you can’t do all the activities in a day.

The atlantis water world is packed with water slides and rides. There is a leap of faith ride which is incredible. They have a beach, an aquarium, a dolphin show. You can swim with the dolphins. They have a shark feeding show. You can also surf. They have surf lessons. It is a wonderland. I totally loved this place and if I have to go to dubai again, it is because of the Atlantis Aquaventure Park.

Dubai Wall frame

The dubai wall frame is located at the zabeel park. It is a very big and tall building. On getting to the top, you will see the old dubai on one side and the new dubai on the other side. You get to see the difference and appreciate the work that has been done in that city.

I spent one week in Dubai and honestly it was not enough. There so many things i didn’t get to do and explore. There are so many things still left to do like sky diving, visiting the global village, the miracle garden, the artificial skiing center, getting inside burj al arab, travelling to abu dhabi and so much more. Dubai is packed with activities and it will take a lot more than one week to fully enjoy them. It was like I slept and woke up and my vacation was over. I would definitely be visiting again but until then….I hope you enjoyed my little piece of story.

These are the Things to do in Dubai and My experience in Dubai. Have you been to Dubai? What are your experiences?


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