Tips on how to slay with Round Sunglasses

Have you ever thought of looking like a nerdy sexy diva?
Have you ever thought to look like the handsome nerd at work???  You know what I am talking about right? The one all the ladies stare at????
Well, I have the perfect pair for you. The Round Glasses!!!
The nerdy round glasses which gives a sexy and chic look is coming back this season. I know you might be thinking “do i really want to look like a nerd”. Do not worry,  I’ve got the perfect tips for you on how to look style, chic and nerdy.
Firstly, I would like to show you how people have styled and slayed their round nerdy glasses before I state my tips on how to style and slay your round glasses.

You see how cool and cute these people look in their round nerdy glasses. You can also achieve this with my tips…

  1. Always pick a chic look

Always note, your round glasses looks better with a chic outfit. A lot of people make the mistake of dressing as a nerd to compliment the glasses. Never do that !!!
Try  to pair them with an elegant dress and a couple of classic jewelry. You can also go with a more casual approach, and own a cool street style look by wearing them with a shirt and skinny jeans.
2. Less Makeup
Round Glasses are all about simplicity and classiness. It has to be simple to the barest minimum. My advice is usually to go for a nude lipstick, natural looking makeup. This also applies to your hair or hairdo. Let it portray simple and classy.
3. Choose a frame that suits your face
I always repeat this all the time. Please always choose a frame that suits your face. Test the frame with your face, your skin tone… see if it actually fit you. This way, you can look good in your glasses.
These are my three top tips for slaying in my round glasses.
What are yours????


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