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I was thinking about how sometimes you have a beach party scheduled for the weekend, and you look through your collection of sunglasses, but you don’t have that perfect pair for your outfit or mood.
At that instance, you want to get something that is perfect and suitable.
Well, here are tips you should keep in mind when buying beach sunglasses:

  • Pick bright colors.
    First things first, you want to pop on the beach. Choose sunglasses with bright colors. Let your total look and outfit be a pop of color. If you desire, you might want to get a matching color with your bikini or swimwear, if not, just be fashionable and shine bright.


  • Choose bigger lens for better protection.
    I always say safety and precaution first. You do not want a sun-burned skin after a playful day at the beach. This is the reason why you must go for bigger lens to cover your face area. A lot of ophthalmologist usually suggest oversized glasses so as to prevent the UV rays of the sun from damaging your skin.


  • Always choose Polarized Lens
    Sunglasses with polarized lenses eliminate light bouncing from the water or sand. Aside from that, they also enhance color contrasts, improving one’s vision. As an added bonus, polarized sunglasses often feature stylish colored mirrored lenses that are fit for fashionable men and women.


  • Lookout for nose pads. 
    Asides from the comfort you get with nose pads, they enable easy passage of air. They also prevent the sunglasses bridge from leaving a mark on your nose.

These are my few tips for picking my sunglasses. I hope you learnt a thing or two.
Thank you for reading.

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