What people think of when purchasing a pair of glasses

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I have been thinking about what people think when they want to purchase a pair of glasses. I mean what drives our relationships with our sunglasses. What influences our decision to purchase that pair of glasses…..
Personally, I think as individuals, we have certain interests and our choices are linked to that interest. Nevertheless, there are generic reasons why people randomly will just purchase a pair of sunglasses without thinking twice. These same reasons also influences sales and unleashing of new styles.
Celebrities are one of the things that influences people’s choices. When you see a new pair of glasses at the store, the first thing that comes to your mind is “I saw this shade on Gigi on her instagram page and it was really cool”. Boom!!!
The next thing you know, you are trying it and you instantly feel it is cool. The rest they say is history.
Also, they thing with celebrities is, they want to wear something new and unusual, so as to stir up controversies. This is what the fans want, and as such we are purchasing that pair of glasses by emulating them.
No other industry has done for designer sunglasses what the film industry has. Hollywood actors/actresses were the first to start wearing sunglasses as a means of hiding their identities way back in the ’20s and ’30s. The movie industry is one of the things that fascinated people’s love for sunglasses.Moreover, some of the most famous films to come out of Hollywood in the last 50 years are remembered more for the sunglasses worn by their characters than anything else. It all comes down to celebrities again.
Branding is the most important thing that drives our relation to sunglasses. Everyone wants to wear a designer piece and this has a lot to do with branding.
For Business owners or sunglasses sellers, branding is key and it tells your story differently. If you are looking to manufacture, put a lot effort in quality and brand.
Branding makes an enormous difference. That is one of the reasons why hardwork is put into design. It is a known fact that once a customer is loyal to a particular brand, he or she is likely to buy that brand exclusive of all others.
Now, you know what a lot of people including you and I think about when we want to purchase that pair.

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