ShadesRoom 101

What time is it ?

Summer Time, Its our Vacation…

What time is it ?

Party Time, Anticipation…..


This was one my favorite songs from “High School Musical” the movie. Well I am going to be adding to that lyrics.

What time is it?

Summer Time, Time to flaunt my Sunglasses

What time is it?

Summer Time, Check out my Sunnies Collection….

HaHA…cool right?????


Welcome back to my website.This blogpost will be about how to rock your Sunglasses this summer.

Summer is everybody’s favorite time of the year. You get to smell the sea and feel the sky. You let soul and spirit fly. You feel humidity on your skin and you love the heat the Sun brings.

As amazing as Summer can be, It can be unhealthy for the skin. You dont want to get Sunburn and damage your skin right. This is why I always advise:

  1. SPF Sunscreen
  2. Your Sunglasses

Asides from Skin Damage, You want to look fly this summer and every summer. Your outfit is never complete without your sunglasses.

These are the sunglasses I would be rocking this Summer.

This Aviators.


Animal skinned squared glasses from River Island.

These two beauties and I have played well this summer.

My next blog post will be how I have been rocking this glasses. However, I might do a style review soon, so I want you all to send meΒ  pictures of you rocking your favorite glasses this summer and let me feature you.

Are you looking forward to that review???



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