Spring is the season for Sunglasses retailers and pop-up stands

Hey Family…….How has it been so far ????
Well , for me, it has been amazing. Spring season is here . The weather is super beautiful and I cant get enough of it. Before spring sprang up, even if it just arrived…….I have to tell you a little secret.
Spring has arrived in most part of the world and spring is the time people get out more. It is the time of year they start thinking about family gatherings, sports and recreation, and even planning family vacations. All of this activity centers around warmer temperatures, blue skies, and sunshine. So it is natural that sunglasses experience a surge in sales during the spring.
As a retailer who specializes in the sunglasses market, this is for you. This is the time to leverage on opportunities and make sales. I suggest you make pop-up stands.
There are tips regarding making pop-up sales and I will gladly share them to you.

  1. CHOOSE A DATE : First things first, you have to choose a date, maybe a Saturday or Sunday. It has to be day you know people will come through. A day people are less busy and you know they will turn up for you.
  2. CHOOSE THE RIGHT AND PERFECT LOCATION : Location is an important tool when it comes to pop-up retail.There is no point in attempting to sell designer sunglasses in the middle of the city where tall buildings block out the sun. Look for a location where sunshine is most ample. For example, a pop-up shop located somewhere near the beach would be ideal. If you live in a tourist-heavy area, a location near popular hotels would be very smart. Another example is a beautiful park where you can meet tons of people who would stop by.
  3. SPREAD THE WORD : If you want to people to show up at your pop-up stand and have massive sales………then spread the word. Make use of your social media, tell people, advertise, let people know you would be having huge sales and they might even get something free. Advertise!!!!

images4. DRESS UP THE SPACE : Whatever location you pick, make sure you dress up your stand nicely so it look attractive to people. Do not just place focus on your online marketing.People who didn’t get to see the advert might just want to see what’s happening in your stand due to eye-catching scene. Remember that what people see from the curb will ultimately determine whether or not they pay a visit.Think attention-getting banners and signs here. You want people to have a reason to walk through the door. Let them see that reason from the curb.
IMG_2692_600x6005. OFFER GREAT DEALS : Pop-up stands are usually for great deals. Lure customers in by offering a buy one-get one free. Remember pop-up stands are for sales.The idea here is to make your money on volume rather than unit pricing. Remember, pop-up retail is organically short-lived. The goal is to move as many pairs of sunglasses as is humanly possible
6. AFTER SALES :  I am sure you will do well at the pop-up sales. Pop-up sales is generally short lived. It is usually for a day or two but what happens after that. I recommend you take advantage of the opportunity and market while selling. Let them come back to you after the sales. Let them refer friends to buy your goods. Just make sure you have a marketing strategy to draw them back once the pop-up sales is over.
I hope you learned a thing or two…If you are a sunglasses retailer, then this is for you.


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