Crazy Rich Asians- The glasses moments

Hey……………………Have you watched Crazy Rich Asians??????

The movie, Crazy Rich Asians, has no doubt captured the world’s attention. From its extravagance, to the beautiful scenes of the wedding ceremony, to love taken over, to their style of dressing, to their taste in materials and not to forget some exclusive moment of their actors wearing sunglasses.

I watched the making of the movie recently and to be honest, the style and taste of dresses and accessories in which the producers picked for the movie is explicit. It was said that designers volunteered to make outfits and drop products for the movie. How amazing!!!!! I should write a script similar to crazy rich asians, so that designers can volunteer for me too…..

With high profile designers such as Dolce&Gabbana, Dior, Valentino and the rest volunteering for this movie, I am eager to show you some of the moments these glasses were showcased.


Who remembers this part???????? Anyway, Rachel Chu was a transparent lens from DIOR. It is just perfect for the nerdy girl who wakes up beside her boyfriend.


Astrid is a sight for sore eyes. Her beauty lightens the room and this outfit is super classy. Her is sunglasses is what I call perfection to her outfit. Astrid is wearing an oversized cat- eye sunglasses from MICHEAL KORS.


Her Royal highness, Eleanor, mother of Nick Young as seen in this scene is wearing an oversized round glasses. I don’t know who volunteered this piece right now but it is definitely a beauty.


The boss is here


Our very funny character Oliver T’sien with the accent also wore an outstanding piece. This piece complements his outfit. This piece is from POLO RALPH LAUREN.


Astrid : Rachel, is that you ??????


The bride, Araminta Lee is all shades of Crazy Rich. Throughout the movie, she looked stunning. One of her best moment was her in this outfit. Everything was golden!!!!!!The dress says it all. She super nailed it with her glasses from MICHAEL KORS, the MK1020 INA frames.


Bernad Ta is wearing some really nice Aviators with  yellow transparent lenses. It is awesome and cool.


Crazy rich Asians the movie has broken grounds and we couldn’t help but capture the sunglasses moment.

Hope you enjoyed it.



4 thoughts on “Crazy Rich Asians- The glasses moments

  1. Definitely a dope movie, crazy Rich Asians was so nice, I didn’t really realize the beauty of the shades!!..this particular article is very nice !! Nice observation!!


  2. Hey there!
    Crazy Rich Asians is MY movie, I’ve like watched it like 50 times for real 😄; the glitz n’ glamour of it all is what most people focused on, n’ I’m wowed honestly, cos I mean, who woulda thought a whole lot was up about ‘shades’ in Crazy Rich Asians.
    Well done girl 👍🏾
    Nice piece 👌🏽


  3. 👌 perfect. It never even occurred to me that they wore glasses in the movie. Was so glued to the lavish lifestyle. Thanks for sharing


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