This season is the season to be jolly!!! You can sense it, you can feel it, you can see it. With lights beautifying buildings and decorations hanged everywhere, you need to see the city from the sky.
I’m sure this one of the times our fore fathers will be happy with us as the city looks really glamorous .
Lagos is always beautiful at night, but this season just gave Lagos a glam๐Ÿ˜!!!

Such a sight to behold!!!
However, days are rolling, the clock is ticking and the holiday season is almost over. It’s 2019 in three days…
Wow…how fast????

Let me be the first to wish you “Happy 2019 in advance ”

I’m sure I am the first who wished you that, every other person must have said “Happy New Year ” in advance.
Looking at it from a certain angle, some of us didn’t get to gift our loved ones for Christmas due to certain reasons of which some of us don’t even celebrate Christmas….but there’s new year in few days to come , so you don’t have excuse not to gift your loved ones something which is why I brought 5 gift ideas to you….

5 Gift Ideas for New Year

This is one of the best Prada collections in 2018 and I love it. I feel like it gives this old retro style to your outfit. It can be worn casually and corporately.
This has to be on your gift list..Gift somebody!!

Gucci is known for their bold bogus Glasses.
This Glasses is beautiful and elegant. It is stylish and perfect for anyone that likes to be noticed.
It is also stylish and vogue.

All the way from CHANEL is this beautiful piece.
It is so stylish, I must confess! It has this studs above the piece and it’s so beautiful.
Gift somebody this piece and they won’t see you the same way ever!!

This is called AVIATOR EVOLVE from RAYBAN 2018 collection.
It is the perfect gift for New Year . You need a touch of pink in your closet…
Gift yourself at least if you can’t gift someone else.

Lastly, another one from PRADA. I’m not going to say much about this piece.
Let the elegance speak for itself….
What do you think about my gift ideas…
You have a better idea?
Let’s meet in the comments section…


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