A Girl & her Shades

Sunglasses, A must Accessory

What is your “A must Accessory“?
Is it bags? Is it shoes? Is it caps? Is it gloves? is it hats?…………..or is it sunglasses?
Raise your hands, if you are on the same table with me because mine is Sunglasses.
I am in love with sunglasses. It is like an obsession. It is a must have for me. You can’t go wrong with a pair of glasses, whatever the kind, you just can’t go wrong.
This pair of sunglasses was gifted to my grandmother. Here is a look….
How gorgeous…..
I love the feel of this glasses. The frame is covered with a suede material which gives this velvet feeling. The lens is quite clear from the inside. It has the cat eye style with a mixture of retro square.
I would recommend this glasses anytime, any day.
I know some of this pictures have food content in them, that is because i take pictures of food most times. Just focus on the glasses.
And it took my outfit from a 0-100 real quick….

What is your favorite accessory again?

Shot by Zainab Sulaiman.


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