Halloween Shady

Hello Friends!!!
It’s been a minute. I couldn’t wait to write my next post so as to get in touch with you guys. You guys give me reasons to write more.
By the way, it’s Halloween season. HAPPY HALLOWEEN. To my fellow Nigerians, it is not a festival we usually celebrate but a few people usually look forward to it and they try to celebrate.

Today’s blogpost would be about Shades and Halloween.
It means I would be showcasing some of the very nice halloween looks I found on the internet with shades. That sounds cool right???
I mean thinking of Halloween looks, people go way up and they use masks and a lot of things but not glasses. I also found out while doing research that a lot of people who uses eye glasses due to bad eye sight find it very hard to rock their glasses with their halloween creation.
So, here is my list of favorite halloween pictures with glasses……This lady went all classy and bluey (if that’s a word). I love the hair, the makeup and most importantly the shades….Gorgeous is the word!How Cool is this? This look is very simple and classy. I love her creativity and her style.What is your definition of halloween again? I love this lady and her glasses. The Shades are life. If halloween is a guy, I’m sure he would marry her.This halloween picture is out of the world for me. I don’t know whoever came up with the idea but it is super great. I like the whole creativity with the hair, hat and shades.Ok…This is definitely scary, but hey, remember it’s halloween, it’s trick or treat. I must really commend the make up artist. The level of creativity is top notch. I like the fact it gives this nerdy zombie look.This is definitely a simple look. If you are in for no stress and you definitely want to slay halloween with your shades, then this is the perfect idea.The Queen herself never ceases to amaze us. Every year, she does something astonishing. I like this Black Barbie look and the shades are to die for.This picture is like the modernized little red riding hood with a spice of swag. I love it.
Here comes the end of my favorite looks. What do you think of them. Let me know your opinions in the comments section.

N.B Images are not mine.


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