Tips on how to slay with Round Sunglasses

Have you ever thought of looking like a nerdy sexy diva?

Have you ever thought to look like the handsome nerd at work???  You know what I am talking about right? The one all the ladies stare at????

Well, I have the perfect pair for you. The Round Glasses!!!

The nerdy round glasses which gives a sexy and chic look is coming back this season. I know you might be thinking “do i really want to look like a nerd”. Do not worry,  I’ve got the perfect tips for you on how to look style, chic and nerdy.

Firstly, I would like to show you how people have styled and slayed their round nerdy glasses before I state my tips on how to style and slay your round glasses.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You see how cool and cute these people look in their round nerdy glasses. You can also achieve this with my tips…

  1. Always pick a chic look


Always note, your round glasses looks better with a chic outfit. A lot of people make the mistake of dressing as a nerd to compliment the glasses. Never do that !!!

Try  to pair them with an elegant dress and a couple of classic jewelry. You can also go with a more casual approach, and own a cool street style look by wearing them with a shirt and skinny jeans.

2. Less Makeup

Round Glasses are all about simplicity and classiness. It has to be simple to the barest minimum. My advice is usually to go for a nude lipstick, natural looking makeup. This also applies to your hair or hairdo. Let it portray simple and classy.

3. Choose a frame that suits your face


I always repeat this all the time. Please always choose a frame that suits your face. Test the frame with your face, your skin tone… see if it actually fit you. This way, you can look good in your glasses.

These are my three top tips for slaying in my round glasses.

What are yours????


Hello Readers!!!

I hope this blogpost meet you well.

I was thinking about how sometimes you have a beach party scheduled for the weekend, and you look through your collection of sunglasses, but you don’t have that perfect pair for your outfit or mood.

At that instance, you want to get something that is perfect and suitable.

Well, here are tips you should keep in mind when buying beach sunglasses:

  • Pick bright colors.
    First things first, you want to pop on the beach. Choose sunglasses with bright colors. Let your total look and outfit be a pop of color. If you desire, you might want to get a matching color with your bikini or swimwear, if not, just be fashionable and shine bright.


  • Choose bigger lens for better protection.
    I always say safety and precaution first. You do not want a sun-burned skin after a playful day at the beach. This is the reason why you must go for bigger lens to cover your face area. A lot of ophthalmologist usually suggest oversized glasses so as to prevent the UV rays of the sun from damaging your skin.


  • Always choose Polarized Lens
    Sunglasses with polarized lenses eliminate light bouncing from the water or sand. Aside from that, they also enhance color contrasts, improving one’s vision. As an added bonus, polarized sunglasses often feature stylish colored mirrored lenses that are fit for fashionable men and women.


  • Lookout for nose pads. 
    Asides from the comfort you get with nose pads, they enable easy passage of air. They also prevent the sunglasses bridge from leaving a mark on your nose.


These are my few tips for picking my sunglasses. I hope you learnt a thing or two.

Thank you for reading.

What people think of when purchasing a pair of glasses

Hello guys!!!

I hope this blogpost meets you well.

I have been thinking about what people think when they want to purchase a pair of glasses. I mean what drives our relationships with our sunglasses. What influences our decision to purchase that pair of glasses…..

Personally, I think as individuals, we have certain interests and our choices are linked to that interest. Nevertheless, there are generic reasons why people randomly will just purchase a pair of sunglasses without thinking twice. These same reasons also influences sales and unleashing of new styles.

Celebrities are one of the things that influences people’s choices. When you see a new pair of glasses at the store, the first thing that comes to your mind is “I saw this shade on Gigi on her instagram page and it was really cool”. Boom!!!
The next thing you know, you are trying it and you instantly feel it is cool. The rest they say is history.

Also, they thing with celebrities is, they want to wear something new and unusual, so as to stir up controversies. This is what the fans want, and as such we are purchasing that pair of glasses by emulating them.

No other industry has done for designer sunglasses what the film industry has. Hollywood actors/actresses were the first to start wearing sunglasses as a means of hiding their identities way back in the ’20s and ’30s. The movie industry is one of the things that fascinated people’s love for sunglasses.Moreover, some of the most famous films to come out of Hollywood in the last 50 years are remembered more for the sunglasses worn by their characters than anything else. It all comes down to celebrities again.

Branding is the most important thing that drives our relation to sunglasses. Everyone wants to wear a designer piece and this has a lot to do with branding.

For Business owners or sunglasses sellers, branding is key and it tells your story differently. If you are looking to manufacture, put a lot effort in quality and brand.

Branding makes an enormous difference. That is one of the reasons why hardwork is put into design. It is a known fact that once a customer is loyal to a particular brand, he or she is likely to buy that brand exclusive of all others.

Now, you know what a lot of people including you and I think about when we want to purchase that pair.


Sunny Summer

What time is it ?

Summer Time, Its our Vacation…

What time is it ?

Party Time, Anticipation…..


This was one my favorite songs from “High School Musical” the movie. Well I am going to be adding to that lyrics.

What time is it?

Summer Time, Time to flaunt my Sunglasses

What time is it?

Summer Time, Check out my Sunnies Collection….

HaHA…cool right?????


Welcome back to my website.This blogpost will be about how to rock your Sunglasses this summer.

Summer is everybody’s favorite time of the year. You get to smell the sea and feel the sky. You let soul and spirit fly. You feel humidity on your skin and you love the heat the Sun brings.

As amazing as Summer can be, It can be unhealthy for the skin. You dont want to get Sunburn and damage your skin right. This is why I always advise:

  1. SPF Sunscreen
  2. Your Sunglasses

Asides from Skin Damage, You want to look fly this summer and every summer. Your outfit is never complete without your sunglasses.

These are the sunglasses I would be rocking this Summer.

This Aviators.


Animal skinned squared glasses from River Island.

These two beauties and I have played well this summer.

My next blog post will be how I have been rocking this glasses. However, I might do a style review soon, so I want you all to send me  pictures of you rocking your favorite glasses this summer and let me feature you.

Are you looking forward to that review???


Spring is the season for Sunglasses retailers and pop-up stands

Hey Family…….How has it been so far ????

Well , for me, it has been amazing. Spring season is here . The weather is super beautiful and I cant get enough of it. Before spring sprang up, even if it just arrived…….I have to tell you a little secret.


Spring has arrived in most part of the world and spring is the time people get out more. It is the time of year they start thinking about family gatherings, sports and recreation, and even planning family vacations. All of this activity centers around warmer temperatures, blue skies, and sunshine. So it is natural that sunglasses experience a surge in sales during the spring.

As a retailer who specializes in the sunglasses market, this is for you. This is the time to leverage on opportunities and make sales. I suggest you make pop-up stands.

There are tips regarding making pop-up sales and I will gladly share them to you.

  1. CHOOSE A DATE : First things first, you have to choose a date, maybe a Saturday or Sunday. It has to be day you know people will come through. A day people are less busy and you know they will turn up for you.
  2. CHOOSE THE RIGHT AND PERFECT LOCATION : Location is an important tool when it comes to pop-up retail.There is no point in attempting to sell designer sunglasses in the middle of the city where tall buildings block out the sun. Look for a location where sunshine is most ample. For example, a pop-up shop located somewhere near the beach would be ideal. If you live in a tourist-heavy area, a location near popular hotels would be very smart. Another example is a beautiful park where you can meet tons of people who would stop by.
  3. SPREAD THE WORD : If you want to people to show up at your pop-up stand and have massive sales………then spread the word. Make use of your social media, tell people, advertise, let people know you would be having huge sales and they might even get something free. Advertise!!!!

images4. DRESS UP THE SPACE : Whatever location you pick, make sure you dress up your stand nicely so it look attractive to people. Do not just place focus on your online marketing.People who didn’t get to see the advert might just want to see what’s happening in your stand due to eye-catching scene. Remember that what people see from the curb will ultimately determine whether or not they pay a visit.Think attention-getting banners and signs here. You want people to have a reason to walk through the door. Let them see that reason from the curb.

IMG_2692_600x6005. OFFER GREAT DEALS : Pop-up stands are usually for great deals. Lure customers in by offering a buy one-get one free. Remember pop-up stands are for sales.The idea here is to make your money on volume rather than unit pricing. Remember, pop-up retail is organically short-lived. The goal is to move as many pairs of sunglasses as is humanly possible

6. AFTER SALES :  I am sure you will do well at the pop-up sales. Pop-up sales is generally short lived. It is usually for a day or two but what happens after that. I recommend you take advantage of the opportunity and market while selling. Let them come back to you after the sales. Let them refer friends to buy your goods. Just make sure you have a marketing strategy to draw them back once the pop-up sales is over.

I hope you learned a thing or two…If you are a sunglasses retailer, then this is for you.

Crazy Rich Asians- The glasses moments

Hey……………………Have you watched Crazy Rich Asians??????

The movie, Crazy Rich Asians, has no doubt captured the world’s attention. From its extravagance, to the beautiful scenes of the wedding ceremony, to love taken over, to their style of dressing, to their taste in materials and not to forget some exclusive moment of their actors wearing sunglasses.

I watched the making of the movie recently and to be honest, the style and taste of dresses and accessories in which the producers picked for the movie is explicit. It was said that designers volunteered to make outfits and drop products for the movie. How amazing!!!!! I should write a script similar to crazy rich asians, so that designers can volunteer for me too…..

With high profile designers such as Dolce&Gabbana, Dior, Valentino and the rest volunteering for this movie, I am eager to show you some of the moments these glasses were showcased.


Who remembers this part???????? Anyway, Rachel Chu was a transparent lens from DIOR. It is just perfect for the nerdy girl who wakes up beside her boyfriend.


Astrid is a sight for sore eyes. Her beauty lightens the room and this outfit is super classy. Her is sunglasses is what I call perfection to her outfit. Astrid is wearing an oversized cat- eye sunglasses from MICHEAL KORS.


Her Royal highness, Eleanor, mother of Nick Young as seen in this scene is wearing an oversized round glasses. I don’t know who volunteered this piece right now but it is definitely a beauty.


The boss is here


Our very funny character Oliver T’sien with the accent also wore an outstanding piece. This piece complements his outfit. This piece is from POLO RALPH LAUREN.


Astrid : Rachel, is that you ??????


The bride, Araminta Lee is all shades of Crazy Rich. Throughout the movie, she looked stunning. One of her best moment was her in this outfit. Everything was golden!!!!!!The dress says it all. She super nailed it with her glasses from MICHAEL KORS, the MK1020 INA frames.


Bernad Ta is wearing some really nice Aviators with  yellow transparent lenses. It is awesome and cool.


Crazy rich Asians the movie has broken grounds and we couldn’t help but capture the sunglasses moment.

Hope you enjoyed it.



What Style does your Sunglasses say about You !!!!!!

In life, you meet people and they say words like “Hey, I can tell you have a thing for old fashion”, or you hear statements like “I think you’re really classy”, and you wonder or you ask them how they know you like vintage and old fashion, and their reply goes “I can tell from your dressing”.

People tend to say a lot from the shoes you wear, the clothes you put on, your kind of wristwatches and let’s not forget our sunglasses. Your style says a lot about you!!!! The reason why you like a particular type of design or product depicts your kind of personality. I will be telling you what your choice of sunglasses says about you!!!




Square Glasses portray SIMPLICITY!!!! So if you are a fan of square glasses, simplicity is your name. Although Square glasses are known to be simple, they are described as timeless because of their classic design. You will never see a Square shaped sunglasses and not like them or think they are out of fashion, which brings us to the reason why most men would pick the wayfarer model of Rayban. This glasses shows you pick functionality over style. You are more of a classic person and likes to be casual with a touch of style.






Aviators were designed to be worn by pilots in the early 80s. It became popular when Doughlas MacArthur wore them. Aviators are stylish and classy. They would catch your attention anytime, any day. Because of its style, if you are a fan of aviators, you have this charisma that draws people to you. It tells them you are a cool person and a great conversationalist. It also tell you have characteristics of a great leader and people want to be your friend.






Round glasses have grown to be loved by this generation. If your style picks round shaped glasses, it shows you are free spirited. You are not afraid to stand out in the crowd, you have your mind and you love to dance to your own beat. People with this style tend to flaunt their unique self and are proud of their artistic sense. They tend to love music, arts and are very sociable people.






Cat eye gained popularity when a hollywood sweetheart wore it in a movie. Ever since, it has been a thing of interest and  a lot celebrities have been seen wearing them.


It is common among ladies. It shows an epitome of sophistication and femininity.   This style is vintage and classy. It gives your outfit that style that makes heads turn. People with this style prefer chic with a bit of drama. They are the ones who are comfortable in their skin. They make heads turn  and they are happy heads are turning. They just strut with pride like a peacock whose head is held high while showcasing its beautiful feathers.





Oversized Sunglasses are mostly worn by celebrities because they want to walk on the streets like a normal person. They wear it because the shape of the glasses tend to hide a large portion of their face. It gives them privacy. People with this style tend to be secretive and have an air of mystery around them. They don’t like some things to be known by the outside world. They are more of a listen and talk less kind of people, also the little they know about you, the better. These people also love the finest things of life and are known to be luxurious buyers.



I love oversized glasses, round glasses, cat eye glasses and  aviators…so i guess i have a bit of so many styles and personalities. I am also sure it goes for so many people.


A look at Egypt 🇪🇬 through my lenses

Once a year , go somewhere you’ve never been before says Dalai Lama!!!

So I say, Let’s start this year on an adventurous note!!

Some people also say “To Travel is to Live”

I say to Live is to make Memories !!!

Make memories while eating, while sleeping, while partying and don’t forget to make memories while traveling.

This year started on a great note, I must confess!!!

It’s 36 days into the year and I haven’t dropped a single post which is bad and I’m sincerely sorry…I’ve been making memories!!!!

So let’s start this year great…I’m going to be sharing my experiences with you on this post…..

Are you ready????

Grab a cup of coffee , this post is going to be long!!!

I took a trip to Egypt 🇪🇬 and here’s a look through my lenses.

Egypt is a tourist destination. It has so many amazing places you can visit has a tourist, in fact most of the indigenes are tourist guide or claim to be tourist guide.

Before leaving for Egypt, my plan was to visit the pyramids,the museum,see the Nile river and an ancient mosque 🕌.

On getting to Egypt, I wanted to go to Sharm el Sheikh, Faiyoum oasis and Hurghada. This is to tell you there are so many things to do and so many places to go.


I remember landing in Cairo some minutes to midnight and it was super cold. I asked for the temperature and the taxi driver said 10 degrees.

Wow wow wow was what was going through my head. How was I going to survive? Coming from Nigeria 🇳🇬 which is so hot and jumping into 10 degrees plus with a fact that I don’t like cold. I also didn’t pack for winter, I packed for summer. You need to see all the clothes I packed ready to slay, little did I know. Of course, I checked the temperature before leaving Nigeria but I’m like what is winter in an African country, it’s just going to be like Nigeria…ha ha ha…I laugh in Spanish, I was mistaken!!!

I struggled through the ride to the hotel because of cold while gushing at the beauty of Cairo. Getting to my hotel, the taxi driver dropped me and demanded for a tip which I don’t mind.

Egyptians have this terrible habit which I find a problem with!!! Every thing they do for you even if it’s just directions you ask them, the demand for a tip. Now I don’t have a problem demanding for tips but I have problem demanding for it like its your birth right. They would even go to the extent of saying they don’t want their currency, they want dollars or say the money you gave them is too small, they want more. I don’t know if it’s poverty or it’s just their way but almost everyone I met in Cairo was asking for a tip or hiking their prices and it wasn’t nice.

However, I had fun in Cairo. I visited the Nile river

Nile River

The Nile River is known to be the longest river in the world and it is a beauty in Cairo.

There are lot of boats on this river and there usually is a dinner cruise happening every night with some belly dancers showcasing their skills.

Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is known to be built in the early 19’s. It has a lot of history. It has over 120000 ancient items on display, some of which are stored in store rooms.

Here’s a sneak peek of the inside…Trust me to not dull you😁

Picture XYZ

There are a lot of mommies to be seen and you have to pay an extra fare to see some of the mommies.

Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalili is a local market in Cairo. It is known for the sales of any local Egyptian material. They sell all kinds of things there. The market is very beautiful at night and has a square where people especially couples go to relax, sing and chill.

It is a beautiful one, i must confess but you have to be weary of the sellers as some of them are just looking for a way to extort you.



Alexandria is the Sea city. The sea is the city’s beauty.


It is said that it was home to lighthouse ranking during the Hellenistic period. The lighthouse can be seen in the picture above.

Alex has a lot of malls, beach sides, coffee shops and the rest… It is the place to be in summer!!!

Abou El Abass Mosque 🕌

Egypt is known for ancient beautiful mosques, Abou El Abass is one of them.

It is the largest mosque in Alexandria, Egypt. A 13th century Sufi saint from Spain was said to be buried beneath this mosque.

My advice is visit one of the mosques when you go to Egypt.

El Maamourah Beach 🏖

Alexandria is the sea town like I said earlier, so to come to this town and not visit a beach is a waste!!!

This is maamourah and it’s beauty. I didn’t get to take a picture of the light house I talked about earlier. This particular beach has the light house on the other end.

There are so many things I didn’t get to do in Egypt like visit the pyramids,the Luxor temple, see the Red Sea and so many things.

I’m hoping there would be another time for Egypt, if not, I’m imploring you to go, explore, take pictures and write about it too….

I hope you enjoyed my long piece of article, it took me days to finish this article!!!

By the way, who can ID my picture XYZ and what type of glasses was I wearing?? ( I didn’t write “a look at Egypt through my lens” for nothing)😊😊!!

Have a nice day!!!


This season is the season to be jolly!!! You can sense it, you can feel it, you can see it. With lights beautifying buildings and decorations hanged everywhere, you need to see the city from the sky.

I’m sure this one of the times our fore fathers will be happy with us as the city looks really glamorous .

Lagos is always beautiful at night, but this season just gave Lagos a glam😁!!!

Such a sight to behold!!!

However, days are rolling, the clock is ticking and the holiday season is almost over. It’s 2019 in three days…

Wow…how fast????

Let me be the first to wish you “Happy 2019 in advance ”

I’m sure I am the first who wished you that, every other person must have said “Happy New Year ” in advance.

Looking at it from a certain angle, some of us didn’t get to gift our loved ones for Christmas due to certain reasons of which some of us don’t even celebrate Christmas….but there’s new year in few days to come , so you don’t have excuse not to gift your loved ones something which is why I brought 5 gift ideas to you….

5 Gift Ideas for New Year

This is one of the best Prada collections in 2018 and I love it. I feel like it gives this old retro style to your outfit. It can be worn casually and corporately.

This has to be on your gift list..Gift somebody!!

Gucci is known for their bold bogus Glasses.

This Glasses is beautiful and elegant. It is stylish and perfect for anyone that likes to be noticed.

It is also stylish and vogue.

All the way from CHANEL is this beautiful piece.

It is so stylish, I must confess! It has this studs above the piece and it’s so beautiful.

Gift somebody this piece and they won’t see you the same way ever!!

This is called AVIATOR EVOLVE from RAYBAN 2018 collection.

It is the perfect gift for New Year . You need a touch of pink in your closet…

Gift yourself at least if you can’t gift someone else.

Lastly, another one from PRADA. I’m not going to say much about this piece.

Let the elegance speak for itself….

What do you think about my gift ideas…

You have a better idea?

Let’s meet in the comments section…



HO!! HO!! HO!!

HO!! HO!! HO!!


Can you hear that sound? its the sound of Santa…..I can feel Christmas already.

As you all know, it is a beautiful season with lots of festivals, carnivals and merriment.

It’s the time of the year everybody looks forwards to, not just because it is Christmas but because it is the end of the year and everybody is just trying to relax.

This is to wish everybody a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE.

I am going to drop a blog post before new year and to mark the end of this amazing year.

Once again,


Sunglasses in Harmattan—-Yaay/Naay

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Its a been a minute since i dropped a blog post!!!!

I got series of messages from you guys of wanting more articles. I am really sorry for the long wait. I’m glad the fan base is growing. I really didn’t expect so much messages but it made me  understand how important and useful what i post regularly is and the connection we have made.


I recently visited Abuja, and Harmattan there is no joke. I stay in Lagos and i can say there is no Harmattan here.

Harmattan in Abuja is crazyyyyyyyy!!!!! Everything is covered in dust. The air you breathe is dusty, your clothes is dusty in matter of minutes, it is too cold in the morning and too hot in the afternoon. I wore a pair of new converse for a meeting, by the end of the day, my shoe was dusty. It was crazy.

The good thing about the Harmattan in Abuja is the dryness of wind blowing, which means, you don’t get to sweat. Everywhere is hot but you do not get to sweat!!!!

But despite all these harmattan fuzz, my glasses came in handy and useful which brings about my blog post for today……..


Harmattan in Nigeria is a very dry, dusty period which is on the high side in the northern and eastern parts. It usually comes from the Sahara dessert in the West African Coast and could last from November/December to February.

Now you know how crazy harmattan can be. Personally, I am not a fan of this season. I used to hate every single aspect of it when i was in school. Being back to Lagos feels so good as harmattan is not one of our problems.

As dry and dusty Abuja was for me, my glasses came useful, as it protected my eyes from dust, getting itchy and drying up.



Now you see why it is a yaaay for me and it has to be a yaay for you. You don’t want your eyelashes getting dusty neither do you want your eye getting itchy.

Here are few tips to prevent your eye during this harmattan season….

  1. Always wear Sunglasses when going out.


2. Choose Polarized Lenses.

polarized lens

3. Buy a humidifier to moisten the air in your room so as to prevent dry eyes.


4. Take computer breaks at work.

computer breaks

5.  Try Fish Oil Supplements.

fish oil supp.jpg

6.  Wash your face often.

wash face

7. Improve your diet.

improve diet.jpeg

8. Sleep Well.


I hope you learnt a thing or two

Thanks for your attention.

Stan Lee, The man whose Signature is Sunglasses,Our favorite Marvel legend passes on……..A Tribute!!!!

It is hard, they say, to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.

This quote seem so clear right now to me because the truth is …………………can we ever forget our Stan Lee???????

We all get anxious and excited when we hear “Marvel is releasing a new movie”, “Black Panther is coming out next month” or we hear “Iron man is back to the theaters”…etc…

Can we really forget the man behind this creations?????

Thomas Bailey Aldrich also said what is lovely never dies, but passes into other loveliness.

This is true because Stan lee will never die in our hearts and memories.

Who was Stan Lee?

Popularly known as Stan Lee, his real name is Stanley Martin Lieber. Stan Lee was our American comic book writer, editor and publisher. Born December 28, 1922. Died November 12, 2018. He was popularly known for creating most of the fictional characters we grew up watching on television.

Some the characters which he created includes :

  • Spider man
  • Daredevil
  • X-men
  • Iron man
  • Thor
  • The hulk
  • Black Panther
  • Ant-man
  • Fantastic Four
  • Doctor Strange
  • Hawk eye
  • Black Widow
  • Nick Fury
  • Captain Marvel
  • Avengers
  • Green Goblin
  • Magneto e.t.c

Maybe we would forget so many heroes, but we will always remember the man who created the heroes.

Asides his creations, Stan lee was popular for his sunglasses. He was always on sunglasses, different kinds at that, and that is a complete mood on its own.

I don’t think I have ever seen a picture of Stan lee without Sunglasses. For each time he has appeared on screen, he has worn his sunglasses regardless of the role and that’s quite cool.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He is like our grandpa goals…old and trendy.

Stan Lee once said in an interview :

“I don’t know what it is. I’ve always worn sunglasses,” he replied. “They’re like my mask, I guess. It was probably just some silly affectation. When I was very young and just starting off as a writer, I always lit a pipe and held it in my teeth as I wrote. I hated smoking a pipe, but I felt it made me look older and like I writer. I was 18. Sunglasses are better for your health.”

We will definitely miss that old dude with his sunglasses and seeing Stan Lee on the screen either as that pizza guy or the random guy just walking by and his so many roles he has acted.

He didn’t have cloaks, didn’t have powers; but he inspired us to do better, taught us that imagination has no limit, that no matter who you are, you can achieve your goals. He helped us to live with our imaginations and his and will always be the best superhero of all time.

While we would miss seeing the legend in his sunglasses, it seems we still get the chance to see him soon… According to Joe russo(avengers director). Lee’s cameos were filmed consecutively with shots already filmed for releases in 2019😁😀…..

You will be severely missed Stan….Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world.

Drop a comment for Stan Lee in the comment section and let me know which of his creations is your favorite and why it is your favorite.

Sunglasses, A must Accessory

What is your “A must Accessory“?

Is it bags? Is it shoes? Is it caps? Is it gloves? is it hats?…………..or is it sunglasses?

Raise your hands, if you are on the same table with me because mine is Sunglasses.

I am in love with sunglasses. It is like an obsession. It is a must have for me. You can’t go wrong with a pair of glasses, whatever the kind, you just can’t go wrong.

This pair of sunglasses was gifted to my grandmother. Here is a look….


How gorgeous…..

I love the feel of this glasses. The frame is covered with a suede material which gives this velvet feeling. The lens is quite clear from the inside. It has the cat eye style with a mixture of retro square.

I would recommend this glasses anytime, any day.



I know some of this pictures have food content in them, that is because i take pictures of food most times. Just focus on the glasses.


And it took my outfit from a 0-100 real quick….



What is your favorite accessory again?

Shot by Zainab Sulaiman.

Halloween Shady

Hello Friends!!!

It’s been a minute. I couldn’t wait to write my next post so as to get in touch with you guys. You guys give me reasons to write more.


By the way, it’s Halloween season. HAPPY HALLOWEEN. To my fellow Nigerians, it is not a festival we usually celebrate but a few people usually look forward to it and they try to celebrate.

Today’s blogpost would be about Shades and Halloween.

It means I would be showcasing some of the very nice halloween looks I found on the internet with shades. That sounds cool right???

I mean thinking of Halloween looks, people go way up and they use masks and a lot of things but not glasses. I also found out while doing research that a lot of people who uses eye glasses due to bad eye sight find it very hard to rock their glasses with their halloween creation.

So, here is my list of favorite halloween pictures with glasses……This lady went all classy and bluey (if that’s a word). I love the hair, the makeup and most importantly the shades….Gorgeous is the word!How Cool is this? This look is very simple and classy. I love her creativity and her style.What is your definition of halloween again? I love this lady and her glasses. The Shades are life. If halloween is a guy, I’m sure he would marry her.This halloween picture is out of the world for me. I don’t know whoever came up with the idea but it is super great. I like the whole creativity with the hair, hat and shades.Ok…This is definitely scary, but hey, remember it’s halloween, it’s trick or treat. I must really commend the make up artist. The level of creativity is top notch. I like the fact it gives this nerdy zombie look.This is definitely a simple look. If you are in for no stress and you definitely want to slay halloween with your shades, then this is the perfect idea.The Queen herself never ceases to amaze us. Every year, she does something astonishing. I like this Black Barbie look and the shades are to die for.This picture is like the modernized little red riding hood with a spice of swag. I love it.

Here comes the end of my favorite looks. What do you think of them. Let me know your opinions in the comments section.



N.B Images are not mine.

What do you know about Sunglasses?

Hello Handsome , Hello Beautiful!!!!

Today is such a beautiful day, with sun shining beautifully and extending its rays, we can conclude it’s a perfect day for our “sunnies“.

Actually, everyday and any day is perfect for a pair of glasses.

I get to ask people often about what kind of glasses they are putting on and the conversation usually goes:

Me: Buddy, what kind of shades is this?

Buddy : RayBan

Me : Nope, I didn’t ask for the brand, I’m asking for the type.

This is usually my conversation with most people regarding Sunglasses and I have come to the notice that most people do not know the kind of glasses they are wearing rather they are more concerned about the brand they are putting on.

So basically, my blog post today will be about the different kinds of Sunglasses that exist on planet Earth.

Are you excited to learn more?

I am pleased to show you more….

Different types of Sunglasses


Wayfarer  is one of the most worn glasses especially among men. Its like their favorite pair of glasses.

Wayfarer was originated by an American Optical designer “Raymond Stegeman” in 1952. He worked with the RayBan co-parent at that time.

They have distinctive trapezoidal frame with sturdy temple arms which gives it a more masculine look. Interestingly, the word ‘wayfarer’ means someone who travels by foot.


Aviator as the name implies were initially designed for pilots by Bausch&Lomb to protect their eyes while flying.

They are known to have dark reflective lenses usually covering the whole eyeball area with thin metal frames to block the sun from all angles. This design, i can say is one of my favorite.


Looking for some old school style with a touch of modern feel?  Browlines are the perfect glasses and are among the most perfect retro designs ever created.It got its name ‘browline‘ because it has the thick frame that runs across the brows. It is also characterized by its thin rims below the lenses.


Image result for retro square sunglasses

Just like the name sounds, it has the classic look it gives coupled with the fact that it comes with a square shape and thick boxy frame.

The retro style generally gives the timeless and classy look.


You want to give that statement look? Round glasses are here to help. They are characterized by the round lenses. It can come in thick or thin frame, plastic or metal.

Put on this pair of glasses and walk that walk baby.


Cat eye is one of my favorite. They give this chic and feminine look. They are characterized by their outer edges. They could come in metal, plastic or wooden.

Cat eye on men has definitely grown to become a fashion statement and it is usually gorgeous.


Butterfly glasses are usually large in sizes and shapes. They usually cover the whole eye area. They somewhat look like a butterfly.

They give this cool bossy look.


The brow bar glasses are stylish pieces for sunny days. They are known for the bar that run along your brows and they give this fun, stylish piece to your look.


Keyhole Bridge works well on any style. They were created for people with flat nose. Can you see that opening at the bridge? What does it look like ? A keyhole right?

You guessed right! This type of glasses were created for people with low nose bridge so the glasses can stay put.

They look great on everyone tho!!!


Just like the name implies, sport glasses were made for adventure seekers. They sleek thin lenses and the frames are quite thick. They are usually made with polarized lenses and they fight glare.

That’s the end of today’s blog post. I do hope you gained something.


The Journey Begins

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

My name is Sheriff Firdaws. I am 18 plus some couple of years old. I am an IT specialist and I somehow find blogging interesting.

Growing up, I had a thing for sunglasses. I still do, in fact, it’s more of a must have accessory for me now. So here is my simple story;

Firdaws loves glasses, Firdaws has interest in blogging, what should Firdaws blog about?


So join me as I unravel my discoveries and mysteries.

Your company is what I look forward to.